American Education Center




Student Services

We provide guidance and consulting services to help our customers throughout their application and the admission process during their study and also help them find internships and other career opportunities in the United States. We categorize this service into three programs: academic, life and career. As of today, we have provided these services to hundreds of students from China to study in middle and high schools, colleges and universities in the U.S.

Academic Program

Our Academic Program focuses on assisting students between the ages of 15 to 25. For the younger students, we assist in providing information on U.S. high schools. We also help high school graduates with academic admissions to U.S. colleges and universities.

In connection with our admission services, we provide English as a Second Language (“ESL”) classes and one-on-one tutoring to improve students’ language skills and assist them in preparing for language competency tests. We established the ESL program in 2002 and published a complete package of textbooks, examinations and certificates. These materials cover listening, speaking, reading and writing English. We place ESL teachers in our representative offices in China to conduct the ESL programs. Students who enrolled in this program are trained to take ESL tests and obtain certificates upon successfully passing these tests. This program requires approximately 85 hours of training. We are enhancing our joint efforts with U.S. based universities aiming to make our ESL certificates widely recognized as a substitute to TOFEL scores for admission tests. We are not party to any licensing agreements for the American Education Center name, brochures, literature, manuals, know how logos and arrangement with schools located in the United States and China. The Company has not registered "American Education Center" as trade or business name. The Company printed brochures and manuals with logo of American Education Center and distribute such materials to students free of charge at our ELS programs.

AEC’S Elite 100 Program, is aimed at those Chinese students who have achieved academic excellence. In this program we provide consulting services to top talented Chinese students to enable these students to reach a comprehensive understanding of United States political, business, science, education, culture and other areas. First, we offer academic consulting services to these elite Chinese students to apply to prestigious colleges and universities in the United States. In connection with our admission services, we assist these students in arranging campus tours, writing programs, tailored ESL language programs and interview guidance. After the students are admitted into U.S. colleges/universities, we provide consulting services in connection with applications for a second major, transfers, housing accommodations’, accelerated degree applications and other services. We enroll the students in seminars and events in which we partner with other business organizations, governments, non-government organizations (“NGOs”), scholars and universities to help these students build social networks and cultivate their leadership skills. We also help arrange after school activities tailored for each student, such as dancing classes, international concerts, organizing students to participate in singing, painting, photography and performance competitions to enrich their cultural experience.

Life Program

Our Life Program offers consulting services to assist Chinese students in acclimating to United States society. We provide assistance in all facets of everyday life, for instance, we will refer students to individuals/companies who are involved in the areas of real estate, financial management and investment, buying insurance and starting businesses. Our mission is to assist students with their daily basic needs so they can focus on their education.

Our Personalized VIP Service, which is one of our key businesses, provides “concierge services” personally tailored for our clients to meet almost all aspects of their needs during their stay in the U.S. We charge $300 per hour for these services. Every VIP client has an exclusive consultant to help meet his or her needs and monitors their progress along the way, so that a customized career plan can be developed taking into consideration changing economic and personal conditions. VIP services include high school enrollment, college applications, medical insurance, parental travel support, housing, internship, job application and referrals to financial and real estate investment advisory firms and other related services.

Career Program

Our Career Program focuses on assisting students in their career choices by identifying internships and work opportunities that are suitable to their interests, educational background and experience level. We charge $100 per hour for this service. Through this program we attempt to provide clients with possible career paths, assisting them every step of the way from academic improvement to career assistance. In addition, we make introductions to companies to potentially provide internships and part-time or full-time work opportunities.